Reid Highley


Reid has devoted his career to identifying and extracting the potential hidden beneath the cracked plaster walls of an old house or behind a tangle of vines on an untouched building site.  


He restored a severely neglected 18th century house for his family, so he has a unique appreciation for the anxieties, frustrations, and joys that accompany complex building projects and aims to demystify this intimidating process for his clients.  While balancing the competing demands of budget, function, and beauty, Reid designs structures that sit comfortably in their surroundings and elevate everyday experiences.  He spent his childhood years crawling around job sites with his dad, a builder, so he understands construction and works in close collaboration with skilled tradespeople to develop efficient solutions to his clients' problems.     


Reid established CH Architects in 2015.  He lives in Hillsborough, NC with his wife, Louise, and daughters, Sallie and Frances.





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